Ode to our Holiday

By Jessica, Kim, Simon & Kev


The primeval roar of the engine
Like some long lost prehistoric monster
Awakened from its slumber…
The throb of the tiller
As it navigates its way through
Murky waters that team with late spring life…
The stealthy cruising of the timeless
Vessel as it snakes its way through
embracing countryside…
The sizzle of bacon, the whistle of the kettle,
The odor of fresh baked bread . (Asda’s best)
Welcomes the hardy tillerman to break
their fast from the rain…
The novels completed, the late lunches
of Cheshire cheese, the occasional
late afternoon tipple of fizzy wine…
The rachetting clunk of the windless,
The spill of the water as the majestic
lock gates encompass the boat…
The welcoming sight of a Cheshire
hostelry where weary sailors are
welcomed with a choice of fine dining…
the Wild Boar – a palatial mansion,
The Old Bar Bridge for a memorable Sunday
lunch. (Also recommended the pudding!)
“To Nantwich and beyond” our captain cried.
A feast of inns for our delectation…
A trendy Italian followed by drinks at
The Cheshire Cat.
Audlem and the Shroppie Fly offered an
afternoon ale and music as the festival
offered a melodic respite from the clunk of boat life…
The Llangollan Canal was to be explored
as far as Wenbury and the Dusty Miller,
where an interesting menu waited to be devoured.
Sun cream unopened strappy vests still
in their carriers (don’t mention the gold sandels!),
embarrassing shorts and socks (men only)unworn
(Just as well!).
But a feeling of relaxation and soothed
stresses has been experienced by all.
Happy sailing.